Note: It is believed that the E18 Error and the "Lens Error, Restart Camera" error are the same thing with a different name. People have reported the same symptoms and in some cases some of the same remedies work for the Lens Error.

News and resources for people dealing with the dreaded Canon E18 error or the "Lens Error, Restart Camera" error on Canon digital cameras.
Statistics on which cameras fail and how many times.

Important! Please visit The E18 / Lens Error Experiences log. I have created a place for people to log their experience with the E18 errors. With this I will be able to use your data to generate stats for the various Canon cameras. Once this data is collected in one spot if will be very difficult to ignore.

I stumbled upon this amazing story of Canon tech support and management. If you have the time it's an amazing story of canon's ignorance and denial.

Consumer Affairs has an article about the Canon E18 error and a possible class action lawsuit.

The Juggle Zone has a forum full of posts about the E18 error. Also on the site is a hilarious email converation with an inept customer service person at Canon.

IXUS World has a take apart guide for those who are desperate and good enough to deal with all of the small screws. (wait for the site to fully load)

my experience with the E18 and a letter to Canon detailing my horror story with the Digital Elph S110.

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