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hello, thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. I am trying to put together an accurate list of people who have experienced the e18 error and on what cameras. there are a lot of stories out there, and having them all in one place will be a valuable resource. I have no affiliation with Canon or any other camera manufacturer, I *used* to be a customer myself. You can read my story here.

thank you, skot.

Update: I have heard that Canon has changed the name of the error on newer cameras from E18 to simply "Lens Error" or "Lens Error, Restart Camera". It is believed that this is very similar to the E18 error. Please let us know if you are having this error.

please see this sites privacy policy on how your info will be used and stored.

* Please, we are looking for cases where E18 has occurred due to no fault of the owner. Please do not post if the camera has been abused. thank you.

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Did you have the E18 / Lens error, Restart Camera?

Has the camera been dropped or otherwise abused?

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Barbara Commins - 10.14.2016 SD1300 / Digital IXUS 105
My camera will not open.

it's an Canon PS SD1300IS
Digital ELPH

Wunna - 08.25.2016 Powershot G11
My camera is Cannon Model G11. It is cause Lens error, restart the camera. What I can do it I don't know? You will reply soon I hope.

Cristina Rivera - 06.05.2016 Powershot G10
I have been the only owner since the G10 came out. Never a problem, really. Haven't used it in a while and just took it out yesterday and took some pictures. Connected the camera to my mac and downloaded images without issues. Then went out to the park and took some pictures and then gave me the lens error. How do I restart the camera? Is there a download that will fix this?

richard - 04.21.2016 Powershot D10
having recurring problems during use.

Michael - 03.06.2016 Powershot G12
My G12 stopped working during holydays in Turkey. One morning I shot 4 photos, shut down the camera. Some seconds later I put it on, the lens went out to its far position, and from this moment on it holds this position, and does not work at all. The lens never retracts, the camera beeps (a tone like a fax noise, 4 short beeps, plus a tone lowering down in frequency), then an the display shows "Objektivfehler Kamera wird automatisch ausgeschaltet Kamera neu starten". Nothing works until now.

ssepan - 02.06.2016 Other
Canon PowerShot SX700 HS
Bought 2nd hand. Exterior clean / good shape. Camera operates normally. Error message is only present in detailed firmware info screen -- only accessible from using ver.req file on card. (see CHDK site for how to do this for this model.) I can only conclude that the error happened some time during the life of this model, and it was logged by the camera.

Paul - 01.26.2016 S100 / Digital IXUS
Lens is stuck in the extended position

Hamid - 01.24.2016 Powershot S2 IS
lens is stuck

Thomas - 01.03.2016 SD880 / Digital IXUS 870
Lens is stuck in the extended position

Peter Hood - 12.27.2015 Powershot A650
Same as everyone, one day the lens remained in the open position, got error message, lost a lot of photos.

Richard OBryan - 12.07.2015 Powershot A1200
worked great for years, then the lens did Not retract and error, restart camera (does not fix lens, never dropped, perfect position, no block

R Weber - 11.20.2015 Powershot G10
Lens error appeared after successful photography and during an attempt to shut down the camera. It had not been jarred or dropped. The previous day the camera was used in a fairly dusty environment but was kept protected as much as possible. The ambient temp was over 85F {30 C).
Removing the battery and restarting the camera and gentler tapping did not resolve the problem. The lens is stuck in the extended position I am still looking for a solution.

Marco Soria - 11.07.2015 Elph 100 HS / IXUS 115
2. No encuentro solcuiones

Jerry Jones - 10.25.2015 Powershot G10
Purchased the camera about 5 years ago. It has been used very little and probably 2-3 times a year. Camera was not dropped or abused and this error message began when trying to use it a couple of months ago.

FBB - 10.19.2015 Powershot A1000 IS
A1000IS was not damaged but now does not work, shows "Lens Error - Restart Camera".

paul m. - 10.18.2015 Powershot A1000 IS
We reviewed previously taken pictures until a low battery warning. Put in new batteries and received this lens error when tried to take new pictures.

Douglas Allis - 10.04.2015 Other
Model PC1192
Serial Number 4228314815
"Lens error, restart camera"
Never been dropped or taken to sandy dirty location.

Douglas Allis - 10.04.2015 Other
Model PC1192
Serial Number 4228314815
"Lens error, restart camera"
Never been dropped or taken to sandy dirty location.

Sven Esemann - 09.12.2015 Powershot G10
It happend after I did about 5 photos in Salat (Dordogne). My Camery ws not smatched against anything. It just happend.

Carolyn Evans - 09.10.2015 SD1000 / Digital IXUS 70
I bought the camera a few years ago. I've never had a problem with it until 2 days ago. It gives me the 'lens error - restart camera" message.

Do I need to bring it to a repair shop or is there a way to repair this on my own.?


njoud - 09.01.2015 Powershot SX200 IS
my camera suddenly stopped working and it says; lens error, restart camera.
i wanna know how can i let it work i need it tomowrow very important ...

Richard - 08.27.2015 Powershot A480
Battery ran down with lens extended, now won't power on beyond the lens error, restart camera error.

carlo piana - 08.15.2015 Powershot S95
bought new (last one in the shop) after two days of usage the error started popping up, first times was going back by itself, fourth time stayed for good.

backs - 06.08.2015 Other

L Ward - 06.01.2015 Powershot G10
I had this error a few years ago; took it to the camera shop which shipped it to Canon for a few weeks - repair @$200. A few days ago, same error report. Camera was not dropped, did not get sand etc. Tried fixes to release any dust without success. I love the G10 when its working. Need new camera soon; not sure I'll get a Canon again.

Johannes - 04.27.2015 Powershot G7
My Canon Powershot G7 makes noise, when i start the camera, it makes tack,tack,tack,tack, when the objektive drive out. And then, nothing ,more.

HC - 04.23.2015 SD200 / Digital IXUS 30
lens stuck open

Simonetta - 04.15.2015 Powershot G11
It just stopped working while I was shooting. Lens completely retracted and blocked.

Follow #lenserror on twitter could be helpful for all of us!

Mckenna - 03.16.2015 Other
model powershot sd1200 is - turned on after inactive for a few months, lens error reset camera appeared after i charged the battery and turned it on

Chantal Gionet - 02.24.2015 Powershot S5 IS
I was filming and when I stopped filming the lens did not want to go back in. It gave me a lens error. My batteries were really low so I thought it was that. When I changed the batteries change. I did wiggle the lens a bit and it went back in....but now with the same message does not want to come back out.
Thank you

Yolo - 02.15.2015 Powershot G5
No idea why it does that
(Lens error)

vivek - 02.13.2015 Other
I got a lens error restart camera error. Lens not coming out. I checked with repair shop, initially they told need to replace the lens gear but now they told need to replace entire lens set . Is is true? please help me shall i go for complete replacement ? the cost is not sure but around 3000 - 6000 Indian rupee.
Canon Powershot SX10 IS

aNTONIS - 02.08.2015 SD1400 / Digital IXUS 130

Potter - 02.01.2015 Powershot G9
Taking pictures. Turned off Camera and the lens would not retract.

Changing batteries did not solve the problem.

carew - 01.17.2015 Powershot S2 IS
I just picked up my camera one day and it gave me the E18 message, I can't explain why

greg - 01.07.2015 Powershot G9
Lens stayed out for no reason. Took out battery, tried some fixes nothing worked. Camera is now useless. Expect more from a $500 camera supposedly 'built for durability and longevity". Will never by a canon product again. We need a class action suit, canon knows and refuses to even repair the G9 as of 4/2014 only 5 years after it's release, while still repairing older cameras and less expensive ones.

Monica - 01.03.2015 SD1300 / Digital IXUS 105
Canon Ixus 105 La maquina da error de objetivo reinicie la camara. Pienso que forma parte de la obsolescencia programada de Canon.

X - 12.08.2014 Powershot G9
Camera Use Normal - turned on one day. Lens stuck out and whining sound and the classic 'lens error - restart camera'

bigbug - 11.15.2014 Powershot E1
Beach visit prior to error, suspect sand in lens mechanism which is stuck out with cover open.

Ehab - 11.02.2014 Powershot SX20 IS
My canon is text me lens error , restart camera ! Why ? 😥

Bret Barel - 10.17.2014 Powershot G9
just stopped working

david - 10.17.2014 Powershot A490

Tom - 10.08.2014 Other
Model ELPH 130 IS getting a E32 Lens Error. Camera is only 4 months old, kept in a padded case and never been dropped.

Dan Hodge - 10.05.2014 Powershot A800
Purchased and worked for about a week. Got the lens error message. Lens fully extends, camera beeps five times and then it goes back in and the error message appears.

jim - 09.22.2014 N/A
Hi guys, there is an e_Bay seller that fix Canon S2, S3, S5 and other SX models with lens error.

here is the link in case you need:

B - 09.17.2014 Powershot G9
took it out last week, hit the power button and the lens came most of the way and then it whirred & beeped and stuck in that position. I've tried 6 of the 7 steps and will send it in to be hopefully repaired.
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Elph 500 HS / IXUS 310:14
SD970 / Digital IXUS 990:13
Powershot A1200:13
Powershot SX230 HS:12
Powershot G12:11
Powershot G5:11
Powershot A490:11
Powershot A3000:10
S330 / Digital IXUS 330:10
Powershot A495:9
Powershot A300:9
SD430 / Digital IXUS Wireless:9
Powershot A100:9
Powershot A10:8
S300 / Digital IXUS 300:8
Powershot G6:8
Powershot A20:8
Powershot G3:7
SD990 / Digital IXUS 980:7
Powershot A5:7
Powershot E1:7
Powershot G11:7
Powershot A700:6
Powershot Pro 1:6
Powershot SX30 IS:6
Powershot A30:5
Powershot G1:5
SD4000 / Digital IXUS 1000 / IXY 50S:4
Powershot A310:4
Powershot A200:4
Powershot G2:4
Powershot A2100:3
Powershot A50:3
Powershot A3200:3
Powershot A800:3
Powershot Pro 90is:2
Powershot SX100 است:2
SD4500 / Digital IXUS 300 / IXY 30S:2
SD990 / Dijital IXUS 980 IS:2
Powershot SX130 IS:1
SD550/Digital IXUS 750:1
PowerShot SX120 IS:1
SD600/Digital IXUS 60:1
SD200/Digital IXUS 30:1
S410/Digital IXUS 430:1
S500/Digital IXUS 500:1
SD300 / DigitalIXUS40:1
S230/Digital IXUS V3:1
ELPH 100 HS / IXUS 115:1
Powershot A440:1
I don't own a Canon:1
Elph 100100 HS / IXUS 115:1
PowerShot SX110 IS:1
Powershot SX220 HS:1
PowerShot SX200 IS:1
Powershot A5 Zoom:1

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