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below is a letter describing my experience that i included when sending my Canon Digital Elph S110 back to CanonUSA for the second time.

4/26/02 Janice Swindles-

I have enclosed my Canon Digital Elph S110 as well as all packing materials, accessories, and manuals. I expect to be issued full refund of $431.92 (see enclosed receipt).

Below is an accurate record of my experience with this extremely unreliable camera:

- Purchased unit on 3/5/02 from the Apple Store in Palo Alto for $431.92. This camera was meant to accompany me on my trip to Australia on 3/27/02.

- Within 24 hours the camera was not functioning. The lens would not retract, and the display only showed the error code "E18" in the lower left corner. I placed a call to tech support and the technician had me run through a couple of checks including taking out the battery and CF card, and then putting them back in and powering on the unit. no luck. The technician then instructed me to send it to the canon service center, paying for freight myself.

- 2 weeks later i received the camera back. It was indicated that the camera had not been repaired, but it had been replaced with a refurbished unit. (I have enclosed a copy of this document).

- half way into my Australian trip (4/2/02), the new unit failed. It failed in exactly the same way as before, with the lens not retracting and the error code "E18" displayed. This is all under completely normal use, and just seemed to happen randomly. From Australia I placed a call to technical support australia. I expressed my EXTREME frustration due to the unreliability of this camera, and asked for a complete refund . the technician said that if I had purchased the unit in australia they could issue the refund, but since it was a US model, they could not. I was instructed to call Canon USA when I returned.

- I completed the rest of my Australia trip WITHOUT my digital camera, which was purchased specifically for this trip. I think you can imagine the frustration of not being able to capture this amazing scenery with my new digital camera.

- Upon returning to the USA I phoned Canon USA technical support. I explained the state the camera was in to the technician, and he suggested that this could be caused by a faulty battery, or CF card. I explained to him that I had tried both the included 8MB Canon CF card and another 128MB SanDisk CF card. I also have two fully charged, NB-1L battery packs that I tried without any luck. Next the technician incorrectly tried to suggest that this error could have been caused by misuse of the camera. This however was not the case, being as I haven’t had the camera for very long, and when I did it was treated with the utmost care.

After about 30 minutes worth of conversation, the technician FINALLY told me that the "E18" error code can be caused by trying to power down the camera with a low battery level. After searching the manual I could find no mention of this anywhere. Why I was NOT told this the first time I contacted technical support about this issue. HE CONTINUED TO ACCUSE ME OF CAUSING THIS PROBLEM, EVEN THOUGH THIS "FEATURE" IS NOT DOCUMENTED IN ANY LITERATURE INCLUDED WITH THE CAMERA.

Extremely frustrated at this point, and not wanting to send it in for repair only to be without my camera for another 2 weeks, and to receive another probably faulty camera, I requested a refund. The technician stated that this might be possible, however I would need to contact Customer Service. He promised to FAX my request to Customer Service, and have a call placed to me within 72 Hours.

- 4/11/02 I received a call from Andrew Wolfe (757-222-9002 ext. 2555) at Canon Customer Service. He stated that he had received my request and was working on it. He promised a call within 2 business days.

- 4 Business days later (4/17/02), without hearing from Andrew Wolfe I called him. He stated that he could not issue a refund and that it was up to the Factory Service Center. He promised to send me an overnight letter containing a shipping label for me to send the camera to you.

- This is where we stand now. as you can see from the HORRIBLE experience with the Canon Digital Elph S110 that I documented above, I have NOT had a working camera for very long after I first purchased it on 3/5/02. This camera has completely failed for the reason in which I purchased it, and has also diminished any hope I have of a new replacement Digital Elph S110 working in the future.

I have enclosed the complete packing contents of the Canon Digital Elph S110, and I am EXPECTING a complete refund of $431.92 issued from Canon in a timely manner. Simply repairing, or issuing a new/refurbished unit is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I have no guarantee that it will work, and that I will not have to WASTE more time on the phone with technical support. This is not an acceptable way for a product to function, and I CANNOT trust this product to operate when I need it to. I have spent many days without my camera while it is being repaired, hours on the phone with technical support/customer service, and my own money for the freight of the camera to your repair facility. I do not wish for this to have to continue.

thank you.

5/22/02 - Still no answer back from Canon Technical support. I called Andrew Wolf and apparently he is no longer with the company. Spoke with James Davis (757-222-9002 ext. 2226) and he said there is no record of my camera being recieved into the database. He promised to call Janice Swindles and call me back in the AM of 5/23/02

5/23/02 (AM) - No call recieved from James. Called him and apparently he is still waiting for a call from Janice. Promised call in PM.

5/23/02 (PM) - Recieved Call from James, he had not talked to Janice. Promised to call on 5/24/02

5/24/02 - No call from James.

5/26/02 - 1 month anniversary of not having my camera.

5/28/02 (AM) - Called James. He had not talked to Janice. Promosed a call in 1-2 hours.

5/28/02 (PM) - Camera arrives in the mail! Instead of a refund they replaced my camera again and sent it back to me. Somehow I get the impression here that they have no clue what is going on. This is confirmed when I open the box and discover they have returned my camera without the battery.

5/29/02 (AM) - Called James and notified him about the missing battery. Promised to call me back.

5/29/02 (PM) - Actually got a call back from James. He promised to send a battery.

6/3/02 - Recieved a battery in the mail.

Well, Now I have a new Elph on my hands, that I can't possibly trust to work for longer than a day or two. Without even turning it on, I've decided to sell it.

Just for fun I decided to post the original letter I wrote to Janice Swindles on my website.

Fast forward almost 3 years to now, (2/4/05) After looking at the website stats from my ISP it has become quite clear that lots of people are interested in the canon E18 error. Even though I've been happy with my Nikon 4300 for a couple years now, I decided to google around looking for more information on the E18 error. There are a lot of random forums with posts from a couple people wondering what they can do, or who else is seeing this problem. Seems like it would be a good idea to use my site as sort of a clearinghouse for information regarding this problem.

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